Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tori:Daisies and Pixie Dust

This stunning girl is Tori and she is the blogger behind the wonderful blog Daisies and Pixie Dust. She describes herself as an "18 year old living in Portland, Oregon who spends time playing dress up, taking pictures, blogging, cutting up magazines, picking flowers and talking to cats." So what is there not to love about this girl?!?! Not only is she down to earth but her style is impeccable. I personally adore her blog and I think you will too! Check out her interview below and check out her blog {here}.

So you have one of the most original and organic blogs I have ever seen, what inspired you to start your own blog? 
I've always had a passion for styling and putting together outfits ever since I was in elementary school. When I discovered the world of blogging, I knew it would be a perfect outlet for me to share my form of art and to do what I love. 

Well I love what you do! So, What blogs do you visit often?
I love visiting blogs like Amy Flying a Kite, Style Rookie, and Doe Deere Blogazine. I love blogs that combine thrift store finds with designer. I really admire those who are willing to go out on a limb and be daring with their personal style. 

I consider you pretty daring with your style as  well. Which designers and/or celebrities most inspire you? 
I don't look to celebrities for fashion inspiration as much as I have in the past, but I really like Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld, Alexa Chung and Rooney Mara. As far as designers, I'm a huge fan of Rodarte, Alice + Olivia, and MSGM right now. 

Aren't we all! Well you have so many fabulous pieces in your collection, What is your favorite item in your closet? 
That's such a hard question! I really love my vintage dresses, and I have a new pair of vintage high rise shorts that I love and am sure I will be living in this summer!

Finish this sentence. I cannot Leave my house without my….. 
My iPhone would be the most obvious answer. But, taking that out of consideration, it would be chapstick! I need chapstick like always.

Haha thats a good one! To relax, you like to... 
Take warm showers, take walks outside, put in a favorite movie series...(Harry Potter, Star Wars...)

Those are classics. I see you have good movie taste as well! So who is your celebrity crush then?
No one believes me when I say it but I really don't have one! I think I got out of the "celebrity crush" phase in middle school after the Sprouse brothers never responded to any of my fan letters...:/

Oh the Sprouse Twins! And You're right I don't believe you, but whatever you say! I would love to know what some of your beauty/makeup must haves are?
I love my Maybelline Falsies mascara (the normal kind, not that weird Wings kind), Bare Minerals, and Lime Crime lipsticks, especially Retrofuturist. It's the perfect red.

Favorite Magazines?
 For art and fashion, I really like Vogue, Teen Vogue and Dazed and Confused. I love going on Rookie Mag for lifestyle. I love reading advice and stories from real girls like me. 

You have such a wonderful backdrop to your photos. What are some things you love about your Hometown? 
There's so many things I love. We have some great antique and thrift shops. We also have a terrific old Cameo theater and a drive-in movie theater that I love going to every summer. 

I will have to visit sometime! I would love to know what the most surprising thing on your Ipod is?
I really don't think I have anything that surprising! I don't know if people would be surprised if they looked at my music choices or not. It's very me. Lots of old music and lots of classic rock. You won't find any hip hop, rap, pop, or anything current or "top 40" though, so maybe that's surprising?

Very cool! And last but not least! What TV show do you wish was still on the air? 
Lizzie McGuire, without a doubt! That show helped me though my entire pre-adolescent years and brings me back so many memories. I would love to be able to watch that show again.

Well good news, there is Youtube Channel with a whole bunch of episodes! Not that I have gone there recently...... :/


  1. Turned out great! Thanks so much again! :)
    xo, Tori

  2. Wow she is beautiful! Ah-mazing style!

    The Urban Umbrella

  3. love her style. So gorgeous

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