Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Annalisa: Moustachic

This silly beauty right here is Annalisa and she writes the blog Moustachic. Her blog is fun, refreshing, and filled with wonderful photography and fashion. I mean, its pretty hard not to get jealous, of her dream life. A life that currently takes place in Paris. I know PERFECT. *Sigh*. I completely adore her style, which is totally original, but I also am smitten with the wonderful backdrops that her photos claim. Enjoy the interview below, and check out her blog {here}.

So, its pretty obvious when it comes to blogging you know what you are doing, but what inspired you to start your own blog?
I was mainly inspired by other blogs, but the biggest influence was the summer i spent in new york where I met a very special person that taught me more about this blogging world and convinced me to open my own. I honestly wasn't 100% sure when I started, a bit scared of people's reaction in the beginning but then I got encouraged by friends and family and it pushed me to do more, and followers too of course :)

It's really wonderful that you had so much support! So for inspiration, what blogs do you visit often?
As probably for most of people Fashiontoast is my greatest inspiration, because she doesnt only take pictures of her clothes but its more about the atmosphere and i love that, 
another girl that is super inspiring is Tuulavintage she always looks perfect and the best bloggers together in one blog costra y ampolla they have amazing fun pictures!

Those are two of my favorites as well. Seeing the places they travel, and the things they where is so much fun.So what about other influences, Which designers and/or celebrities most inspire you?
ahhh more than designers or celebrities i get much more inspired by streetstyles looks, but Bambi Northwood is pure obsession 

I know she is gorgeous! So you have so many wonderful pieces, but what is your favorite item in your closet?
I have this pair of vintage shorts from Levis that i bought at Urban Outfitters 2 summers ago and i literally wear them every time of the year, 
whenever i dont know what to wear i pick them, they're my Jolly eheh

Haha we all have that go to pair. So Finish this sentence. I cannot Leave my house without my….. 

Short and sweet, I like it. To relax, you like to... 
watch tv series or online shopping ;) but my absolute relaxing place is this spot at the seaside where you get the best sunset view

Sooooo who your celebrity crush is? 
Ashton Kutcher, like i could cryy

Epic choice hun. We have all been there. What are your beauty/makeup must haves? 
I suck at doing my make up! i can only do eyeliner/kajal and mascara, donee

Favorite Magazine?
 I need to say, either LULA or SELFSERVICE , but theyre really different

So you live in such a beautiful place, what are some things you love about your Home/Hometown?  
That it actually feels like home everytime i go back, and that everything kind of gets easier 

 How about music, What is the most surprising thing on your Ipod? 
that i havent uploaded any song on there by myself, i give it to my friends and they do it for me haha

Haha genius! And last but not least What TV show do you wish was still on the air? 
FRIENDSSSS! even tho i like that it was 10 years and that it never got boring :)  

But really....It never does! Thanks so much love!

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