Friday, January 11, 2013

Knitted Up

Dress from Nordstrom BP, Shoes from Forever21, Socks from Dillards, Sunnies, by Micheal Kors, Headband from Francesca's Collections

You’d think a fabulous yet simple sweater dress would be easy to find, but finding a comfortable knit – one that’s cozy, fitted, and yet flattering can go wrong extremely easily, resulting in variations that are awkward or uncomfortable. The above sweater dress, with the button detailing on the side arms, and the simple pattern in the fabric is simple and understated, but still fabulous and comfortable

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  1. Ugh, agree so much on this! It's a pain in the ass finding a comfortable knit.
    You look awesome in yours and the shoooes, oh the shoes, super!

  2. You rock this dress. Love the shoes too!

  3. I just love this look! Simple yet stunning! The sunglasses are hot!