Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine.

 Dress-F21, Jacket- Nordstrom BP, Shoes- Steve Madden, Necklace-Nordstrom

First off, Happy Valentines Day!
Spend it doing fun things, give hugs, wear red/pink lips, dress up, eat cupcakes, and give little gifts to each one of your loved ones

This post is special because I'm gonna introduce y'all to something I have been doing in my life. For the past few months I have had the honor and the pleasure of being mentored at The Allan House, a beautiful, victorian home built in the heart of my hometown Austin, Texas. If you or a loved one live in the area and are looking for a place for a wedding or special event, this is the place!

The Allan House.

This opportunity has been amazing and has taught me so much. This is so, because Juliana and Alex, are the best mentors a girl can ask for!

Juliana: Shirt-H&M, Skirt-Kate Spade, Shoes-Vince Camuto, Earrings-Kate Spade
Alex: Dress-Anthropologie, Flats-Steve Madden.


  1. Aaaw, great news dear, the place looks dreamy ^_^

  2. Omg. You are out of control cute!! If I ever moved to Austin (I so wish) I would check that place out! How fun!


  3. Awh, that looks like such an adorable place to work! It's so beautiful, especially the sky-room. I also love the way you organize your blog; it reminds me of looking through someone's scrapbook!