Friday, March 29, 2013

Carly: A Walk in the Park

This stunningly stylish florida native is the blogger behind A Walk in the Park. Carly caught my eye in an issue of Seventeen Magazine, and her blog as been a constant checkpoint for me ever since. Whether her outfit is straight up fem, funky pieces, or basic classics, you will be envious, of her obvious understanding of fashion, and what works. As a fellow Seventeen year old blogger, I constantly look to her for inspiration and I bet you (at any age) will too!

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First, I would love to know, what inspired you to start your own blog?
Well, I have always had a big love for fashion, so that was a big part of it. But I mostly started seeing some other personal style/fashion blogs, and I would get so much inspiration from them, so I wanted to start my own, so I could start little collections of photos that documented my outfits from day-to-day, and also I could post up my own little photos that I've found inspirational, and hopefully there would be that chance that maybe someone else looked at my blog and found it inspirational for them!

I am constantly finding inspiration in your blog, What are some blogs you visit often?
The blogs that I find myself reading most often are Natalie Off Duty, Fancy Fine, In Susie's Shoes, Julia Topaz, Triple Thread, Classy Girls Wear Pearls, The Moptop and Flashes of Style.

All very excellent choices! How about designers and/or celebrities that inspire you?
I am inspired most my Audrey Hepburn, Edie Sedgwick and Steven Tyler. Odd mix, I know...

 Wonderful throwbacks. Finish this sentence. I cannot leave my house without my…..
My phone, of course! I keep my phone with me at all times and I'm always on it! 

That is the standard teen answer! Celebrity crush?
I have a few celebrity crushes, but my top celebrity crush is Steven Tyler! He's been my top crush ever since I was little, haha! A close second is Johnny Depp, and after that is Mick Jagger! 

I totally could've guessed that one by your Tumblr. What are some of your beauty/makeup must haves?
 I don't really wear much makeup, but I am always wearing my mascara and lipstick and I always have to have them!

You don't need makeup, you are beautiful as is! Favorite Magazine?
It's a tie between Seventeen Magazine and Vogue. They are both very different, and they're both so good! I've been subscribing to Seventeen for quite a long time now, and I've actually been meaning to renew my subscription to Vogue, just haven't gotten around to it. 

Most surprising thing on your iPod?
There's nothing too surprising for me on there, but I do have over 200 Aerosmith songs on my iPod... does that count as surprising?

Thats a lot of Steven Tyler! What are some things you love about your Home/Hometown?
I love how spread out and laid back my city is. I also love that the beaches are only a few minutes away, and it never gets very cold here!

Favorite things right now (Movies, Tv Shows, Songs etc.)
My favorite shows right now have to be Vampire Diaries and the Carrie Diaries. I just can't get enough of those two shows! Gives me something nice to look forward to during the school week!

        Thank you Carly, and be sure to check out A Walk in the Park, ASAP.