Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Fever

Dress and Trench-F21, Flats-Vince Camuto, Sunnies Michael Kors

It's funny thats its officially been Spring for a while, but it's only starting to feel like it now. It's felt cold, gloomy, and rainy, but finally the fresh, bright weather is coming in.  I found this trench coat a couple of weeks back (for my trip to NYC) and thought I was going to have to hold off on wearing it until next winter, but luckily it's been the perfect weight and coverage a little longer than I was expecting. A trench coat is a fabulous transitional piece – it’s just heavy enough to keep me warm on crisp days, but light enough to not be a challenge to carry around.


  1. I love the dress and trench! YOu are just so stylish! Love it and have a fabulous week dear! xx Pip

  2. Soooo cute!! Love that dress on you! And the last pic- lovely :)


  3. Morgan, you are the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love that pink dress and how you paired it with that trench. I love those types of dresses as well..I think they look good on everyone (I definitely own a few!). Great look girl, you are so pretty! xo

  4. The cutting on your dress is adorable! Love the color and the classic style :)


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