Friday, July 5, 2013

Coral Cut-offs

Shirt-A'GACI, (Jeans cut into) Shorts-Gap, Sunnies-H&M, Shoes-F21, Headband-Nordstrom

Finding the perfect pair of cut-offs is a lot harder than you’d think (I often have doubts that they even exist). They need to be fitted enough so they have some allure but without verging on cheap looking. And lets not even get started on the length. When I think I’ve found a pair that’s just a bit on the short side, the minute I sit down, I feel like I’m wearing hot pants.  So I encourage you, to do what I did with the pair in this post and cut them yourself. Its something that has been very popular among my friends this summer, but be sure to do your research.


  1. the colour of the top is wonderful :)

  2. So cute! This color really suites you! xx

  3. I love this look and I tried to cut a pair of my old jeans last summer, and I'm so mad because they are so hard to cut right and I ended up screwing up and they look stupid now!!! I just want a pair that are the perfect length!!! You look so great in that coral color! xx Pip

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  4. You look stunning! I love the shorts on you, and the background is gorgeous xo