Thursday, July 10, 2014

5 Simple Dorm DIY's

Well It's official, I'm am living in California. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and I can't believe it's finally happening. There is a very long list of things I have been looking forward to about living on my own (cooking my own meals, making my own rules etc) but most of all I've dreamt of the day where I can take a space and make it my own...Well my roommates' and my own. There are plenty of categories & areas on Pinterest where you can try to create something and it turns into a catastrophe but I've come to find that interior design is the easiest. But for those who are moving out in the next few months in their own dorms or apartments, I advise to keep it simple. So with the help of Pinterest and Youtube apartment tours here some simple (AND CHEAP) ways to make your new home your own. 

{Cupcakes and Cashmere By Emily Schuman, Style Book II, Everything Eyes by Bobbi Brown , The ELLEments of Personal Style, Essie Nail Polish in: Mint Candy Apple, Tart Deco, Flirt, and Watermelon) 

Over the past couple of years I've been in love with purchasing coffee table books as well a style guides etc, so if you have anything that you love and really sums up you as a person, put it on display! I also loving adding seasonal favorites, so I added the Essie Nail Polish colors I've been loving this summer, that way they are ready to grab if I'm heading out the door!

Another thing I love to put on display are my fragrances. You most likely already own a pretty tray to arrange them on, and with perfumes coming in such gorgeous packaging now a days why not put it out so it's easy to grab and beautiful to look at. 

Now with all the excitement of moving in I haven't forgotten that I'm here with a very important purpose. As a college student now I have to do everything in my power to stay organized! So I purchased this delightful Magnetic Dry-Erase Calendar  from Target and surrounded it with two simple collages I made to add some fun. 

The best part of purchasing a polaroid camera is that I now have a fun and easy way to document memories with friends, so I had to come up with a cute way to put all of my mini photos out for everyone to see. With the help of Pinterest I decided to get a clothes line and attach my photos with black clips, but this DIY could simply be done with a string and clothes pins.

And Finally when we first arrived to the apartment all of the walls were painfully plain and white. An easy and tempory fix to this is purchasing Wall decals. So I was able to find Gold Scalloped Decals to drape on our walls to make them less uneventful. 

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